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Translations and Translators

This depends on several factors:the most relevant, are: the total number of words, lexicon, formatting, the deadline, readability, the source and target languages and other specifications of the project. To know exactly how much it would cost to translate your document, simply request a quote. Depending on the field, we translate an average of 1000 to 2000 words per day. Quotes are free of charge and not binding in any way.

Preferably. It is often thought that being a native speaker is enough to translate professionally. In truth, that is just one of the several conditions to becoming a professional translator and should never be considered as the only condition. To be a native speaker does not automatically imply one has the necessary knowledge, linguistic sensibility and tools to execute one of the most important professions, whose objective is to decrease the language barriers of the world. We work only with professional translators, with training and experience in several fields. And yes, most of them are native speakers.

Yes. Despite being two separate tasks, proofreading of our translations is always included with no additional costs. The project is always revised by the translator and, whenever necessary, by a second specialist.

Official documentation

In Portugal, a certified translation is a document issued by certifying bodies (such as lawyers, notaries and solicitors), which certifies the identity of the translator, authorship and accuracy of the translation.

You must ask the institution to which the translation is to be delivered if a certified translation is required. We can help you in that process by contacting the institutions or by analysing the original documents.

It depends on the policies of each institution or country. Usually, certification is necessary for official documents like birth, marriage, death and other certificates. We advise you to contact the body to which the translations are to be delivered to obtain this information.

In Portugal, notaries, lawyers and solicitors can certify translations.

Yes, always. We guarantee total confidentiality of your personal data and documents. Should you do not accept the quote and do not intend to proceed with our service, all copies of your documents will be destroyed and deleted from all of our data storage devices. Your data will never be used for marketing purposes without your express consent.


After hiring the service, the interpreter will meet you at your desired location/office to undertake the interpreting service. We will issue the final invoice after the service is completed.

The amount is charged by the hour, the first hour being charged in full, even if the time is less than 60 minutes. Cancellation must be made with 2 hours notice for short distances and 24 hour notice for long distances.


Proofreading is a service that consists of a process of correction and improvement of previously written or translated texts. It is important for your text to be clearly written, with impact and style, with technical coherence and cohesion.

A specialised linguist with a deep, technical knowledge of the language, especially in the area where the text is sourced from. We believe that the text is the reflection of its author. Your ideas will always be taken into account in order for the final text to be true to its original design.

Quality Assurance

You can expect a friendly service, a quick response and transparency throughout the entire process. The company was founded based on the idea that a job well done requires professionalism and dedication. And we believe that this is the only way we can assure a proficient, effective and, most of all, a reliable service. That is why we work exclusively with qualified professionals who love what they do.

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