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    We are located in the Language and Communication School (CLCC) in Portimão, Portugal. Feel free to contact us.


Tradusul was created with the aim of offering a professional and efficient linguistic support system. To this end, we work with professional mother-tongue translators who have been trained in their fields. Our translation services include: certified translations, translations of web pages, curricula, articles and documents, and more. Read more.

Interpreting Services

With professional native speakers from various countries, you can expect an efficient and friendly service from our interpreters. We work with translators and interpreters who are very experienced in specific areas such as Law, Medicine, Education and more. Here are some examples of our usual services: marriages, divorces, deeds, civil/criminal court cases and more.
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Proofreading consists of a process of analysis, correction and improvement of documents that have been previously created or translated, including spelling, style, grammatical coherence and cohesion. We can guarantee that your text will be presented clearly and with impact and elegance and in accordance with your wishes. Contact us.


We can also guide you in sourcing an exellent selection of training courses, as Tradusul is a department within CLCC - Centro de Línguas, Cultura e Comunicação in Portimão, an enterprise with more than 20 years experience in the vocational training market, specialising in languages.
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You can visit our offices at CLCC every week day from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
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